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Prepaid Cards/ Scratch-off Vouchers / Security Labels

  • Prepaid cards, scratch-off vouchers and security labels are not only products that have to comply with the corporate design; but they also belong to security-relevant products,which face high risks of duplication.

  • Nowadays, security is the key every company is looking for, don’t you agree?     If yes, you have found the right security printing company you’re searching for. GP LABEL PACK Sdn. Bhd. guarantees the quality of your products, on time delivery, proper control of security of information & documentation.

  • Our company is capable of producing prepaid cards and scratch-off vouchers for both public and private sectors that are in need of this service.

  • Promising protection against manipulation and duplication, we offer various features in our printing products such as: Thermal Watermark, Fluorescent Security Inks, OVI & Colour Change, Holograms & Hologram Stripes, Barcode & Numbering, Micro Letters, Digital Watermarks, Copy Detection Pattern, Dual Layer Thermal Paper, Chemical Reactivity, Security Perforation, ThermalPaper with Coloured Inner Layer and Magnetic Stripes.

  • Furthermore, typical or special scratch-off vouchers personalization processes include: Printing PIN number, Serial number, Expiry Date and Scratch-off Hot foiling. Our expertise for your benefit:

  1. Large card formats up to 20 single vouchers in one ticket

  2. Max. single hot foil area 30mm²; expandable to 60mm² with second hot foil unit

  3. Vertical or horizontal hot foiling

  4. Trouble-free retrofit due to high-skilled service technicians

  • Our commitment and quality in security printing of scratch-off cards or prepaid vouchers can be guaranteed in highly confidential environment.The safety of our customers’ information and data is ensured.

Examples of prepaid cards that we have printed

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